Delving into Education Technology at UD


I am comfortable with the "technology" side of this course, Educational Technology Foundations (EDUC 818). I have spent most of my life immersed in technology, from an IBM PCjr in the 80s to tablet computers now. I have a wide range of experience in communications, social media, and web and multimedia design, and have used those skills widely in informal education settings - particularly in the fields of environmental and marine science. However, I do not have much experience in the realm of formal education.

enrolled in EDUC 818 as a starting point to dive deeper into in the "educational" side and gain a better understanding of how technology is being used in formal learning environments, and the class has been a great a starting point to explore how some emerging technologies, such as GoPro cameras and Google Glass, may be used to provide teachers with more immersive, engaging learning environments.

I believe that these technologies can be used in a wide range of ways in science education - particularly for virtual field trip experiences and enabling students to put themselves in "a scientist's shoes."

This electronic portfolio serves as a collection point to highlight my findings on several fronts: what's currently being done with these technologies in education, related research, and exciting new ideas that the future may hold.

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