A few samples of my Multimedia work for nonprofits and higher education

Western Corn Rootworm: Enemy No. 1 for corn

Nematodes are usually bad news for gardens. But not always - as I learned shooting and producing this piece on how they are tiny superheroes in one aspect of agriculture. The challenge for this video is that I shot it - both the interview and the b-roll - before seeing the written story it would accompany, so I did my best to try to imagine all the visuals I might need to illustrate the science. This was backwards from the usual approach, so I was pretty pleased in the way it ended up coming together.

I also worked with Jeffery Chase to illustrate what happens in this epic battle beneath the soil’s surface. The result is a short explainer video that you can see linked to via a card in this main story.

Highlight Reel - Footage from the DSV Alvin 2500 feet deep along the East Pacific Rise

I produced this highlight reel from footage captured during 15 dives along the East Pacific Rise in the DSV Alvin. The dives down to the hydrothermal vent communities down there averaged about 2,500 meters in depth and were part of the CEOE Dives Deep research cruise in which I served as the education and outreach specialist. See the highlights of the month-long cruise in the Wakelet story I curated for the cruise here > 

Under the guidance of professor and oceanographer George Luther, UD CEOE students participated in a series of dives to a depth of 1.7 miles below the ocean surface. These research dives took place in DSV Alvin from March 27 to April 16, 2017, at 9 North, a region of hydrothermal vent activity situated along the East Pacific Rise in the Pacific Ocean.

Project VIDEO (Virtual, Interactive Dark Energy Outreach)

As a part of this project, I have been exploring virtual reality (VR) technology to immerse users in deep sea microbe research. I have done all the VR production, as well as the video production on the related 15 Second Science and Dive Deeper episodes. You can read more about this Project VIDEO in this UDaily article.

The unique VR tours were recognized by the Delaware Press Association and the National Federation of Press Women with the top awards in their 2017 Communications Contest in the audiovisual category, as well as the 2017 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence with the Grand Prize in their Electronic Media category.

Here is one of the VR tours, aboard the ocean drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution. Other VR experiences related to the project can be found here

Bay to Bay Story Map 

For this immersive multimedia story, I used an Esri Story Map to allow viewers to follow along with a Delaware Sea Grant teacher workshop that traveled across the center of the Delmarva Peninsula exploring local watersheds, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Delaware Bay. I updated the story daily during the summer workshop and it includes photos, video, data that was collected, and ArcGIS maps. You can scan through it embedded below, or experience the fullscreen version here > 

#15SecondScience Video Series

A weekly series of short, educational videos on marine and aquatic science topics for Delaware Sea Grant's social media channels. (Note: I produced episodes through August 2017 and did not produce those released after.)

Travel: Fall into Delaware

Winning entry for Delaware Tourism's 2013 video contest. The autumn footage is from throughout the state, from Brandywine and White Clay Creek State Parks in northern Delaware to Fenwick Island State Park and Assawoman Wildlife Refuge in the south.

How To: Crab Cakes 101 - Make a winning meal

Delaware Sea Grant seafood specialist Doris Hicks demonstrates how to make the winning crab cake recipe from the 2014 Coast Day Crab Cake Cook-off!

Event Recap: Gemmill Farm Tour with the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance

Members of the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance explored the Gemmill Farm as part of their summer farm tour series. 

Event Recap: Workshop Navigates Seafood Issues

Delaware Sea Grant is working with counterparts in Louisiana and Oregon to offer in-service trainings for industry professionals on how to effectively explain what can be complex issues.

Focus on Experiential Learning: Greening Haiti

DelVal students and faculty are working in Haiti to install systems to grow food on residential rooftops, which will provide fresh produce to Haitian communities.

Profile: Water Watchdogs - UD's Citizen Scientists

For over 20 years, water quality monitoring volunteers with the Delaware Sea Grant-led University of Delaware Citizen Monitoring Program have fanned out across the state’s coastal region to visit assigned monitoring sites and collect data. 

My Environmental Journey

Winning entry of Delaware Environmental Institute student ambassador’s third annual video competition during University of Delaware’s second annual environmental film festival, “Lights, Camera, EARTH!"

Promo: Catching the Wind

Watch as 125 first graders from Smyrna Elementary rotate through four content stations, which include hands-on, interactive activities about the science of wind.

Event Recap: Educational cruise on the R/V Sharp

The college wanted to highlight the experiential learning aspect of this daylong cruise, so I tried a variety of methods to capture the activities including time lapse sequences and GoPro mounts centered in the middle of the action to capture the "hands-on learning" aspect of the experience.

I am particularly proud of this project because I captured, dowloaded, and organized all the audio and visuals throughout the cruise and was able to edit it quickly for use the following day. I am really pleased with how some of the experimental footage came out and it helped me fine tune my workflow for projects with a quick turnaround.

Promo: NMEA in Three Words

Part of a series of videos produced for a membership drive. Can longtime members describe NMEA in just three words? They find it to be a bit more challenging than they expected... 

Profile: Sara Gumbiner, '10, DelVal equine studies

"If you dream big, just remember that you make your own luck." That's the philosophy DelVal alumna Sara Gumbiner lives by.

Promo: Team Stafford 2016 Worlds Campaign

Fundraising video produced for world champion driver Suzy Stafford for her campaign to raise money to attend the 2016 World Championships.

Research: Surveying Scallops on the R/V Sharp

The University of Delaware's research vessel Hugh R. Sharp is making use of technology to help the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association survey scallop populations along the mid-Atlantic coast.