Deep Freeze in Delaware by Lisa Tossey

A few frigid days in Delaware leads to some unusual sights - from ice floes in the Delaware Bay at Cape Henlopen State Park to a sunset reflecting off a frozen Rehoboth Bay in Delaware Seashore State Park. It's a time when piers are becoming encased in ice, wildlife are moving further afield for food, and snow is blowing and blending with the sand. 

Only 27 days to go until Spring... 

Birds of Bombay Hook by Lisa Tossey

Just a few of the birds spotted at Bombay Hook this week

Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge is always a wonderful place to go looking for birds - especially during the shoulder season when so many are taking flight to move to different climes. A wide variety of feathered friends were out and about during quick trip to the refuge this week, from snowy egrets to lesser yellowlegs to terns to a northern harrier, as well as the first snow geese of the season, signaling that winter isn't too far away... 

Boom Boom ... Love by Lisa Tossey

That face... 

That face... 

Meet Boomer. This is the face I find on my lap after sitting at  the computer too long.

We found him last fall and he wriggled into our family and hearts almost immediately. We have two older rescue pups, who were 12 and 13 at the time, and we decided we should bring in a "transition' dog, since they are slowing down and it is going to be terribly hard on all of us when we have to say goodbye.

At 70 energetic pounds of tail-wagging, sloppy kissing fun, Boomer was a bit more than we were looking for. We wanted an adult dog, and had envisioned one who was a bit more chill, but when we arrived at Response-a-Bull Rescue near Newark, Del., he chose us. No regrets.

He's probably around 3-years-old, and hasn't had the best life -- he was picked up off the street at half his current healthy weight, and faced tough odds as a sick, malnourished, intact, large, black, bully breed. But he was one of the lucky ones.

Some very lovely people saw the happy-go-lucky personality under the skinny, sad exterior and worked hard to keep him safe and get him healthy. We can't thank them enough. His cuddles, antics, and energy make each day a little brighter.

Save a life. Support a rescue. 


Hulls, Hops, and Horseshoe Crabs by Lisa Tossey

I'm excited to get back to blog posting after Posterous broke my heart ... I'll start with this little highlight video I shot with my GoPro during a fun day with folks from the Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association (MAMEA)

On Saturday, June 8, educators from throughout the region came to Milton, Del., for “Hulls, Hops, and Horseshoe crabs” a MAMEA mini-conference organized by Christopher Petrone, education specialist at Delaware Sea Grant.

Participants took part in a guided paddle on the Broadkill River, enjoyed a tour of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery that highlighted the science and art of brewing beer, and participated in an evening horseshoe crab spawning survey along the shore of the Delaware Bay.